Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again

I'm one that never likes to throw anything out. I feel that everything old can be new again. All you need is a little spray paint!

Most people would look at this old plant stand and simply toss it. Not this Reclaim Dame. Black spray paint and a newly painted container gives this plant stand a few more years of life!

There are many things my dad taught me. How to ride a bike, check the oil in your car and always, always, keep your tools organized. This tool box was headed to the dumpster. But spray paint fixes everything. Silver spray paint on the handles and the rest painted black will make this tool box look brand spanking new and give it a new life.  Now I all my tools will be organized.

On same vein as organizing all my tools, I stopped at a garage sale downtown one day and they had this awful, gross pantry rack. It was grimy and greasy but I thought it would work perfectly in my studio space to keep all my paint cans, spray paint, and miscellaneous items organized. I used a de-greaser to clean off the years of grime, spray painted it pink and hung it in the studio.

I absolutely have no idea what I did before this rack because it is filling up fast!

What was your latest spray paint project?

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