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 Le Petit Cafe and An Udder Sensation are two distinct but interconnected establishments, both offering delicious food and treats to their customers.

  1. Le Petit Cafe is a cozy and charming cafe that specializes in serving fresh salads, sandwiches, and homemade soups. The cafe is known for its attention to quality ingredients and delightful flavors, providing a welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meals.

  2. An Udder Sensation is an extension of Le Petit Cafe, offering a delightful array of hand-dipped ice cream. With over 30 flavors to choose from, it's a haven for ice cream enthusiasts seeking a wide variety of options. Customers can indulge in classic favorites or explore unique and inventive flavors, all made with care and quality ingredients.  We also have games for kids of all ages to enjoy

Le Petit Cafe's savory menu complements An Udder Sensation's sweet offerings, making it an appealing destination for people with diverse tastes.

Together, these two establishments create a unique and enjoyable experience for our customers, providing a combination of savory and sweet delights in a comfortable and inviting setting. Whether one desires a light meal or a sweet treat, Le Petit Cafe and An Udder Sensation are there to satisfy those cravings.

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