A New Year - A New Reclaim Dame!

A New Year - A New Reclaim Dame!

I'm not one for making New Years resolutions. Instead, my January is filled with lists of what I wish to accomplish throughout the coming year and to finish projects that I never got to the previous year, which lately seems like quite a few! On the top of my list are these vintage theater chairs - actually, they came out of an old synagogue but I'm going to repurpose them into theaters chairs by simply taking off the back "book" rack, recovering and re-staining the beautiful wood. These chairs will be in an upcoming webisode in which I traveled to Iowa to pick these up because the price was right - FREE! These chairs will need a lot of work. At first, I thought all they would need is a little cleaning and recovering.

But when I turned the seats over, and took off the back metal plate, I saw that they were in pretty bad shape which means, all of the stuffing will need to be replaced.

The wood on the backs of the chairs are in good shape, they will just need to be sanded, stained and recovered!

I can't wait to get working on these. What is on your list to accomplish this year?

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