Architectural Dame

Architectural Dame


I have a handyman that I call to help me do things around the house. The day I asked him to help me hang items on the wall going up my stairs he thought I was talking about photographs. I said no, not photographs, I'm doing something different and probably unusual. I want to hang architectural elements. He looked at me like I was crazy. I told him to be patient and he'll see my vision. I absolutely love this wall. I get more compliments from this wall and it is definitely a great conversation piece!  The arch came from a salvage yard in Indianapolis, the window came out of an old house that my sister, Cathy, was renovating, the miscellaneous items in the frame, I picked up at a yard sale, my dad gave me the doorknob on the wood...

It all started with this architectural element my sister, Laura, gave me for Christmas one year. Most people would not be excited to get this as a gift, but I was ecstatic. She said she picked it up at an antique store and thought of me. My other siblings thought I was nuts!

My mother was recently cleaning out all of her old photographs and family memorabilia. She came across my paternal grandparents' marriage license dated 1924 and my grandfather's high school diploma dated 1912 and asked if I wanted to hang these on my wall. Of course, I could not pass these up! What a great piece of history and means even more that they belonged to my grandparents.

I love this wall and love adding to it. Every piece has a story - even the picture of the unknown baby (my son says his eyes follow you when you walk down the stairs) and the tin that it is on (I picked it up in Atlanta at a salvage yard)

to the old photograph of Paris, which was in my maternal grandmother's home that my brother Max recently gave me to hang on the wall.

I love the adventure of finding new items for my wall!  Now, where should I hang the marriage license and diploma?

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