It's a Reclaimed Christmas

It's a Reclaimed Christmas

I have to admit that I’ve been in a funk lately and really haven’t been in the mood to create, but I think this Dame is starting to get her groove back!

I’m not one for the traditional Christmas tree with all the trimmings. Oh sure, I did the traditional tree and decorations when my son was little, but now that he is grown and out on his own living in Denver, I don’t see the need for a huge Christmas tree. This year I figured I would think “outside the box.” I kept it very minimal and used all reclaimed items. The best part is I didn’t spend any money because I already had everything, except the pine cones. I just happened to be in Florida a month ago, and my niece and I were talking about bleaching pine cones for the holidays. A few minutes later, her kids came in with a sack full of pine cones they collected for Auntie Sharon. They were so excited to be part of the project.

The recipe calls for one part water to two parts bleach in a large bowl. I placed a plate on top of the pine cones to keep them submerged. I let them sit in the bleach for a few days and then let them dry for about two to three days.

I already had a small sewing machine drawer that I painted white, added a fleur-de-lis knob, greenery and now I have a beautiful simple centerpiece for my table. What do you think?

For the Christmas tree, I went very simple. I had picked up limbs from the side of the road several months ago and painted them white. I placed them in an old crock I had until I could decide how I could incorporate them into my decor. I then decided that this would make a great simple Christmas tree. I placed burlap around the crock and tied it with a piece of jute. I have to admit, I really like it -definitely one-of-a-kind!

Now the decorations. I had purchased small birch logs about six months ago, again waiting to use them in some project. After searching on Pinterest (let’s face it, we all love Pinterest), someone made ornaments out of birch logs. I measured my little logs and made 1/2 inch cuts, stenciled on letters to spell out Merry Christmas, and used my wood burning tool to burn the letters, tied with jute, and hung on my “tree.”

I took my left over birch logs, tied with a burlap ribbon, and placed a rustic star on top. I’ll sit this in my kitchen.

One last Pinterest idea I came across which of course I had to do since I had all of the materials. The bed spring is from a bed that I probably slept on as a child and has been in my parents’ storage area forever! The crystal hanging in the center is from a 100+ year-old chandelier, that was in parts. I’m not really sure where I’ll place this, probably on a side table in the living room, but I thought it turned out cute.

I know these decorations may not be for everyone, but I like the simplicity, and more importantly, I spent zero dollars! What is your favorite Christmas decoration on here?
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