Seaside Stories Under a Seaside Lamp

Seaside Stories Under a Seaside Lamp

I’m always on the hunt for great bargains at Goodwill and anyone that does reclaimed projects knows that Goodwill is just full of great bargains.  I try to go in not really looking for anything in particular because that is when I usually see something I can reclaim. On this trip, I saw this lamp sitting in the lamp section.  Don’t be afraid to plug in lamps and any other electrical items to make sure they work – and yes, I keep an extra light bulb in my car – just in case. I debated and debated whether to get it or not but, I figured I could always do something with it.

I can usually find good lamps to reclaim at my Goodwill store but a lot of times though the lampshades are in a sad state, but the reclaimed gods were smiling down on me that day because on the next shelf was a beautiful tan linen lampshade in pristine condition.  I knew it was meant to be!

After cleaning the lamp with a degreaser, b/c let’s be honest not everyone is as OCD as I am about cleaning – especially things I get at Goodwill, I sprayed the lamp with basic white spray paint I had left over from another project.  I looked through my stencils and once again, fell in love with the anchor – so an anchor it was!

I stenciled on the anchor, which took only a few seconds, and had leftover heavy rope from another project – have I said lately that I’m in love with this look? I wrapped the jute around the top of the lamp, added the lampshade and there you go–

a great anchor lamp for any seaside cottage.  Can anyone guess that I really want to move seaside!

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