When I decided to quit my full-time, good paying, corporate job and venture into being a business owner, my family thought I was crazy!  But this is something I have wanted to do for years.  I have always been able to take the unusual, or the forgotten, and repurpose it. I painted and "upcycled" stuff before it was cool.  Mainly because I was a single mom on a tight budget and had to make something out of nothing.  It was my creative outlet for a very stressful job and I loved reclaiming items.  

    It only really hit me about 5 years ago, that I could really turn this into a full-time job and actually make a living.  After being open for a little over two months, I could not have imagined the community support of my little store.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you who have stopped in to "check us out" or bought some fun item for your home, or a gift for a friend.  I love talking with all of you and hearing about your projects.  You all inspire me every day!  If you haven't been to the store, feel free to stop in anytime and look around or you can check us out online.  Remember, you can buy online - just enter "pick up" when checking out and it will be waiting for you at the front desk!  How easy is that?!!

    There is a lot more to see in the store and we always have new merchandise coming in, so don't miss out.  We have new winter hours - Tuesday through Saturday 10-6.  Stop in and say hello. I'd love to see you!



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